quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2007

Entrevista ao kripke

Aqui fica uma um artigo em que Kripke fala sobre a 4ª temporada e a greve:
Será que ainda vamos conseguir a season 4 ??

"Yup. Eric Kripke. I think he was more surprised than I was when I approached him, since it was so random that we were each just walking alone on the sidewalk, about to pass each other. Made my day!He was happy that the talks were scheduled for Monday, but even if they came to an agreement Monday night, that would still put production behind. However, if the talks did reach fruition in the next 2 weeks, that chance of them losing only 1 show this season, rather than more, is increased. As it is, if they begin production again in Jan at the earliest, that will set them behind and they could snowball losing a show a month due to the delay in prep. So, at this rate, we will almost certainly have a 21 epi season, instead of the standard 22, but we both agreed we could live with that (compared to the alternative)! And I think he was only half joking when he said that if they get the matter closed in the next few weeks (before the official Hollywood Holiday shutdown) he'd make sure everyone came in over the holidays anyway to prep for the show. Dedication much? He wanted to again say he was amazed and thankful to ALL the fans. If nothing else, I guess the strike let the writers know they are appreciated greatly by the fan base, more than they imagined. And he made sure to mention that he thinks the fans of SPN are all incredibly intelligent, smart and open minded people, and he's thrilled about that, personally. We are so much awesome! Totally forgot!!!!! He also said he feels really good vibes about a season 4!! Please don't hold him (or me!) to this, but as we talked about the future and possible syndication, he admitted he was less nervous about a S4 than he was about S3. "

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