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Varias vezes eleito.

O site FADPOV elegeu os melhores de 2007 e o Supernatural vem incluido nessa eleição.
Bem.. Não se pode dizer que o Supernatural não terminou o ano em grande segundo as eleições de vários sies ;)
Aqui fica :

Best Performance By An Inanimate Object:
The flaming air conditioner in Sam Winchester’s hotel room on Supernatural.
The Necklace of Brotherly Love and its origin story, also on Supernatural.

Creepiest Moments Involving A Small Child:
Any kid on any episode of Supernatural… just pick one!!!
Tempting as it was to pick Supernatural just for the sheer volume of underage creepiness it presents us with, the award has to go to Heroes’ Matt Parkman and his “parenting” of little orphaned Molly Walker. Whether he’s guilting her into tracking down the Nightmare Man because he cares less about her psychological trauma than about his own daddy issues, or ordering her around with his mind just because he can, audience members can’t be blamed for thinking that she might actually be better off in Sylar’s hands.

Most Overwhelmingly Annoying Character:
Winners (three-way tie):
Jo Harvelle, SupernaturalWe’d comment on the many reasons why these characters were overwhelmingly annoying, but the high-pitched wails of frustration that arose when everyone read their names blocked out our concentration.

Best sibling (or family) relationship in a series:
The Winchesters (John, Sam & Dean), Supernatural. Because really, how can a family that never returns phone calls, communicates in text messages, and sells their souls for one another NOT be the family you most want to have Christmas dinner with?

Best Boyfriend of the Week:
Jared Padalecki, Supernatural.And I'm actually going to say that he's the one I most look forward to seeing shirtless, but then, I want to see Mohinder just to see what everyone is going on about. But Jared's my best boyfriend anyway, so he gets this one by a hair.

Best Single Moment in a Series:
The Origin Of Dean's Necklace, Supernatural“A Very Supernatural Christmas”.
The only way you didn't cry is if you had a heart of stone. And even then, I think a pet rock could've squeezed out a few tears.

Best Performance By An Inanimate Object:
The Fiery Air-Conditioner, Supernatural, “Bad Day At Black Rock”.
There wasn't anything in that scene more perfect than the air conditioner bursting into flames, all because Sam had to sit still and not do anything.

Best Creator:
I honestly can't decide between Tim Kring and Eric Kripke.
Both are super-attentive to the concerns of the fans, and have subtly altered their directions to make sure the fan bases are satisfied.
I think Kripke gets the edge here, though, because he (like me) is a Led Zeppelin fan, and sorry Mr. Kring, but if you can't speak out on Zeppelin, well, you snoozed, you lost!


No entanto mais uma eleição...

Á uns tempos colocamos um post sore estar a decorrer uma votação para o melhor do ano de 2007, hoje venho anunciar o vender: SUPERNATURAL!!

Ganhou com 29,8% dos votos contra One Tree Hill com 27,7% dos votos.
Vejam aqui

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