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Review 3.06

Aqui fica a review do episódio de ontem feita pela CW:

Another satisfyingly creepy episode of Supernatural last night, complete with vengeful ghosts, family dynamics, fireworks between the boys and creative solutions to supernatural problems. Plus, we had plenty to snark on, and the boys were dressed up and looking good!

Our monster of the week was a ghost ship that appeared every 37 years. You see it, you die – drowning on dry land. What a horrible way to go! To complicate things, the boys run into Bela again, and she’s causing trouble, as per usual. She had the Metallicar towed! We’re surprised Dean let her live. Shooting Sam is one thing, but touching the car? Blasphemy!

Bela does have her uses. She figures out which ship is appearing, and identifies the vengeful ghost – a sailor who was hanged for treason on that ship. His body was cremated – but only after his right hand was cut off to make a “Hand of Glory,” a powerful mystical tool that looks pretty darn nasty. Bela knows where it is, and if the boys destroy it, they’ll stop the deaths.

Which leads us to one of our favorite scenes ever – poor Sam, being used as man-meat catnip to distract a randy grandmother type while Dean and Bela go after the hand. Sam is so wigged out, while Mrs. Case – sorry, Ms. Case – enjoys herself thoroughly. Poor guy! Still, we can’t say we blame her. We wonder how many women auditioned for that part!

Dean gets the hand, but of course Bela double crosses him – shocking, we know. The joke's on her, though – she sees the ghost ship, and she’s just sold the only thing that can stop it. Or has she?

Sam figures out the dead man’s motives – he’s killing people who have spilled their own family’s blood. The first victim killed her cousin in a car accident; the second and third offed their dad for the inheritance. (Who did Bela kill? She’s not talking.) With that in mind, Sam reasons that the only thing that would distract the dead man from his gruesome mission would be to offer him what he really wants – his brother, the captain of the ship and the man who hanged him. He’s right.

Bela lives, but she’s not quite able to say thanks – instead, she pays the guys for their help. At least it’s something. And we hope she set up a therapy account for Sam, which he can tap into when he gets nightmares about being groped in public by a granny. At least Dean's happy that they have money to fund a trip to Atlantic City. Sigh.

But the best part of the episode? The bookending scenes in the car, where the boys talk about their situation. In the first scene, Dean yells at Sam for going after the Crossroads Demon last episode, and Sam is unrepentant. In the last scene, Sam finally has it out with Dean – I don’t want you to be sorry for what you’ve done, or look out for me, because that’s what got us into this mess! I want you to worry about you! I want you to give a crap that you’re dying! Dean can’t seem to comply.

What did you think? Has your opinion of Bela changed? Did you find the ghost ship story creepy or corny? Are you wondering how the boys will ever come to terms with Dean’s bargain? Do you see Sam’s point, or do you agree more with Dean’s point of view? Vote in our polls, and tell all in the comments!

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