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Artigo sobre o filme de Lauren Cohan - Float

ImageAqui fica um artigo sobre o filme 'FLOAT' onde entrará Lauren Cohan (Bela):
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“It’s all about the ice cream…” is the motto at FLOAT ice cream parlor, the centerpiece of this quirky comedy/drama with a unique visual style and hip soundtrack.

On this particular summer, things are running smoother than ever, thanks in part to the obsessive owner RAY FULTON (50’s), and his loyal staff, which includes GEVORG (the slick Manager), and RAMON, (a lowly but
enthusiastic underling).

The smooth running operation is disturbed one afternoon as RAMON gets into an altercation at work, and FULTON is forced to terminate his employment. Broke and with no where to go, RAMON is offered a free room by GEVORG until he gets back on his feet. During that same week, FULTON’S long-time wife, for reasons of her own, decides to leave and file for legal separation. FULTON, shocked and dismayed, turns to GEVORG for support. Thus, these 3 oddballs find themselves thrown together by fate, and forced to contend with each other’s personal issues.

Things get further complex as FULTON’s daughter EMILY comes to town in an effort to reconcile her parent’s relationship. But while FULTON is pre- occupied with re-discovering his identity, EMILY forges an unlikely bond with GEVORG, which in turn causes GEVORG to re-examine his rowdy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, desperate for income, RAMON considers entering a “sham
green card marriage” with SUSANNAH, a beautiful Armenian girl; however, RAMON’s feelings for her are authentic, and his perspective becomes further clouded when he realizes that he has more chemistry with SUSANNAH’s best friend, TAMI.

Told against the backdrop of the City of Glendale in scenic Southern California, “FLOAT” is an amusing and sometimes moving story of several very different people trying to connect with each other, and ultimately with themselves, in this lyrical film that demonstrates how “sometimes your friends are your family”.

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