segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2007

SN do Sign On San Diego

Saiu um artigo no site SignOnSanDiego onde é mencionado o Supernatural aqui fica uma parte:

"Like NBC's under-performing “Journeyman” and the CW's consistently compelling “Supernatural” – which returns from its post-Thanksgiving break with a creepy Christmas episode on Thursday – “Life on Mars” is a sort of paranormal procedural about a regular guy trying to solve crimes while being haunted by persistent demons. "

"In the case of “Journeyman,” the guy is a time-traveling journalist on an era-jumping mission that remains a mystery, even to him. In “Supernatural”, the guys are two twentysomething brothers trying to rid the world of vampires, shape-shifters and other monsters while tracking down the demons who killed their parents. "

Para leres mais clica AQUI.

- WinchesterBros - artigo
- Dean_Sam - imagem

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