quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2007

Intrevista do Jared para a revista Men's Fitness.

Esta é uma pequena intrevista do Jared para a revista Men's Fitness.

Question: Supernatural seems to be a very active show.

Jared: It is. We're always running, fighting, tackling, being tackled. When you shoot up to 90 hours a week, you sleep maybe five hours a night. There was an episode where I had to do a love scene so the pressure was really on. I had a 4:30 a.m. call time. I was up by 2:30 to hit the gym.

Question: What's your workout regimen like?

Jared: I do big-muscle-group exercises, like the bench press and the squat. I'm not a fan of the machines. I'm 6'4", so I can't sit properly in them and get proper range of motion. So instead I go heavy and hard.

Question: Do you do any special training?

Jared: We took a lot of fight training: boxing, kickboxing, grappling-type jujitsu training. What's funny is during the first season of the show, [co-star] Jensen [Ackles], myself and a buddy were meeting one of the producers at a bar, and we were jumped by about eight guys. We had to use a lot of training we'd learned. I broke my left hand, but they walked away with broken jaws and noses. Considering, it was three against eight, we did all right.

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