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Supernatural Season 2 em DVD com Jim Beaver

O site Associated Content tem um articulo sobre o dvd da 2ª temporada e uma intrevista com Jim Beaver (Bobby) em que ele fala sobre a sua personagem na 3ªtemporada.

Jim Beaver is a multi-talented man no doubt about it. With a career in television, movies and theater that spans almost thirty years and includes appearances in such hit shows as, 'Jake and The Fat Man', 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman', 'Third Rock from the Sun' and the critically acclaimed 'Deadwood' Jim Beaver is one of the most versatile actors around. Beaver is also a prolific screenwriter who is credited with writing episodes for shows like 'Tour of Duty' and 'Alfred Hitch**** Present's and is also a biographer on the history of the late actor George Reeves who played 'Superman' in the 1950s TV series. If that weren't enough, Beaver is also a trained stuntman.

For the past two years, Jim Beaver has been enjoying his recurring guest starring role as ' supernatural style hunter' Bobby Singer on the exciting hit Warner Bros/CW Network action series 'Supernatural', which airs on the CW Network Thursday nights at 9PM. With the second season of this hit series now being released on DVD, Beaver takes a moment to look back on his episodes, which include 'In My Time of Dying', 'Born Under a Bad Sign', 'Tall Tales', 'All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1' and 'All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2'.

'Supernatural' is the Warner Bros/ CW Network series that stars the talented and super sexy Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who travel across the American highways and back roads in their black '67 Chevy Impala loaded with special weapons looking for 'Supernatural' threats to vanquish. Season 3 of this hit series is set to begin on the CW Network on Thursday, October 4th at 9PM. This season Sam and Dean Winchester will be joined by two new recurring regular characters named Ruby and Bela played by Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan. The girls are set to be antagonist who will bring their own special brand of complications to the Winchester brother's already complicated life. Jim Beaver is also set to return to 'Supernatural' in season three as Bobby Singer with Beaver already having filmed appearances in the upcoming season three episodes titled 'Sin City' and 'The Magnificent Seven'. In recent interview with her, 'Supernatural' writer/executive producer Sera Gamble told readers that she's looking towards writing an episode for season three that will center somewhat around Beaver's character and will offer some back story on how Bobby Singer came to be a hunter in the world of 'Supernatural'.

To promote the release of season two of 'Supernatural' on DVD this past week, Jim Beaver took time out of his busy schedule to talk a bit about what brought him to the role of Bobby Singer, what it was like to work in series and some of his more memorable moments about being in season two of 'Supernatural'.

Jim Beaver is very pragmatic about what led him to his role as Bobby Singer on 'Supernatural'.

"Initially, what "drew" me to the guest shot on 'Supernatural' was being given an audition. I'd never seen the show and it was just another job opportunity. But producer Robert Singer and I had worked together previously on a show called 'Reasonable Doubts', and he blew off my audition and just offered me the job. I was delighted to have the job, especially because I'd just ended my 'Deadwood' series, and also because I love Bob and welcome the chance to work with him."

On why he enjoys playing the character once he got the part, Beaver says that it's because the Bobby Singer character just seemed like a really good fit for him.

"It's the sort of character I enjoy playing and one I seem to connect with. He's funny and charming and tough and loving and skeptical and straightforward, and those are great things for an actor to portray, especially opposite Jared and Jensen, whose personalities really generate great sparks, on- and off-camera, with old Bobby and me."

In talking about what made working on season two of 'Supernatural' so memorable for him, Jim Beaver shares a bit of behind the scenes information that he was very excited about having had happen for him. "Thirty years after I dreamed of one day being a Hollywood stuntman, I got my first stunt paycheck for a stunt gag I did on 'Tall Tales', falling backwards onto a collapsing table while being chased by the chainsaw guy. The gag got more or less cut out of the show, but I've got that stunt check!"

Jim Beaver will be collecting another check as a stuntman in 'Supernatural' for the upcoming season three episode, 'Sin City'.

The 'Supernatural' season two episode 'Tall Tales' also proved to be one of the more challenging episodes for Jim Beaver and apparently for a lot of guys on the set as well in very interesting way.

"We were trying not to be a jerk about ogling the two lovely ladies in scanty outfits conjured up by the Trickster. If you were a guy, you would probably have a very difficult time walking around a set for a week without staring like a total geek at those two hotties. A certain gentlemanly decorum is called for, but not easily achieved."

Another aspect of the episodes that Beaver has found to be challenging about working on 'Supernatural' overall was learning the Latin for various exorcisms.

"I don't find it difficult to say -- I'm sort of a language nut, and I have a pretty good feel for Latin -- but it's definitely hard to remember. But it doesn't come up often enough to be a real problem," Beaver laughs.

So there you have it, a little behind the scenes information about season two of 'Supernatural' and some fun facts to think about when watching Jim Beaver in his role as Bobby Singer on the hit series. Beaver can been seen next in the completed production of the 2007 movie 'Cooties' and of course in the upcoming exciting third season of 'Supernatural' starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles and airing on the CW Network Thursday nights at 9pm starting on October 4th.

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