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Resumo dos 5 primeiros episódios

Resumo dos 5 primeiros episódios da 3ª temporada, desculpem estar em inglês mas eu não sou boa a traduzir.

• Supernatural 3.01 - The Magnificent Seven

The Seven demons in this episode are a result of the brothers opening the gate to hell in last season's finale. Tamara and Isaac, a married hunting duo, are aware of Dean and Sam's actions. Isaac initially refuses to work with them. Later, Tamara is taunted from beyond the grave.

• Supernatural 3.02 - The Kids Are Alright

Sam and Dean hunt changlings targeting mothers and their children. Dean has a reunion with Lisa, a woman he once had a one-night stand with. Her son, Ben, strongly reminds Dean of himself. Though it makes him uncomfortable, Dean's natural instincts with children helps him get to know the boy, and watch with pride as Ben stands up to a bully. Meanwhile, other mothers admire Dean's... assets.

• Supernatural 3.03 - Bad Day At Black Rock

Word continues to spread of the Winchesters and the opening of a devil's gate, with them to blame. Gordon's instincts may condemn Sam, Sam is kidnapped by a mentee of fellow hunter who admires Gordon and brutally beaten. He swears that his past supernatural abilities are gone, but is ignored. While looking for Sam, Dean spars with a thief and, luckily, gains the upper hand - for now.

• Supernatural 3.04 - Sin City

Sam and Dean pose as insurance investigators and question the pastor when a man commits suicide in a church. Gun totin' Dean may favor a divergent political party. It's Sam's turn to look for Dean when he disappears with Casey, an attractive demon who expresses admiration for the deal he made to bring Sam back. Though initially thrown by the source of the compliments, Dean tells her that it's liberating to live life with no worries about the future, since he doesn't have one. Meanwhile, Sam's ally is not what he seems.

• Supernatural 3.05 - Bedtime Stories

Fairy tales come to life when the brothers investigate Callie, a young girl who seems to personify Snow White. Poisoned by her stepmother and trapped in a coma, the spirit becomes angrier as more time passes. Callie's father visits her constantly, reading her original Brothers Grimm stories and unknowingly inspiring her carnage. Sam confronts him and forces him to listen to his daughter. While Dean sleeps, Sam slips out and confronts the Crossroads Demon with the Colt, procured by Ruby and rebuilt by Bobby. She refuses to let Dean out of the deal and says there's another boss who controls what she does. Sam shoots her in the head, killing the possessed human.

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